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Reputation and Local Search Listing Management

LocalClarity caters to any industry that relies on local search to drive customer traffic, but we also understand that each industry can present different reputation and local search challenges. Select your industry below to learn how we serve your specific industry’s needs.


Less than one-third of all dealer reviews, based on research, are answered. A missed opportunity, the analysis shows that dealer review response rate positively correlates to a higher average star rating.


The average review score of professionals in the financial services industry is 4.4 Stars. Even one negative review without a response can impact your business against such well-reviewed competition.


Hospitals, doctors, dentists, and other professionals need to actively monitor all customer review sources to maintain the value of their reputations and to assure an active flow of communication with patients.


Google is now validating licenses and is explicitly warning Local Service companies that “serious or repeatedly negative customer feedback may result in lower rankings (including not showing at all).”


There are over 50 million Local Guides encouraged to write reviews, answer questions, upload photos, and take photos of locations, but most hotels are missing this opportunity to improve their reputation.


Service companies can leverage review responses to kick-off a “virtuous cycle” that leads to more reviews, higher ratings, improved local search rankings, higher clicks through rate, and ultimately more sales.


Real Estate firms, both transactional and rental, that take a proactive approach to reputation management can gain a competitive advantage by collecting even a small number of 4-Star and 5-Star reviews.


Restaurants live and die on their daily reviews, but how and when management responds to customer feedback can be just as important to their success as earning good reviews in the first place.


The rise of mobile increases the need for every single retail location to actively manage its reputation. Failing to do so will severely limit impression share, digital traffic, foot traffic, and sales.

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