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Restaurants Reviews are Read by More People than for any other Industry, But Only 39% of Brands Respond to Reviews.

Absolutely Critical

Restaurants live and die on their reviews. It’s true that word of mouth can make or break your restaurant location, how you handle the reviews can be just as important as earning good reviews in the first place. Whether you manage a national chain, high-end bistro, or mom & pop pizza joint — restaurant review management is critical to your business.


Restaurants can’t rest after securing a good average score. Most reviews are sorted by recency. Don’t let a 1-Star review be the first impression.


“Technology and Dining Out – What Consumers Want from Tech Before, During, and After the Dining Experience”

Claim Your Business

In addition to Google My Business, Facebook, TravelAdvisor, and Yelp, you’ll want to claim your business on all the relevant restaurant review platforms. Nationally, look for sites like Chowhound, Urbanspoon, and Zagat. Locally, keep in mind newspapers and any tourism sites.

By claiming your business you will generally have access to the tools to thank customers for positive reviews, challenge bad reviews in each system, and generally interact with your customers. This lets you build a community and, just as importantly, let your customers know you’re listening to their praise and concerns.

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