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Financial Services

Five years ago 71% of consumers consulted a business review site prior to making significant purchases. Today the number has jumped to 92%.

Rising Expectations

Consumers are demanding more and more from their service providers every day. With the evolution of communication services, the expectations of consumers, particularly of the financial services industry, have risen exceptionally. Now, not only do they expect a tailored service based on their individual needs, but they also expect to be able to interact with their banks and insurance providers when and through whichever channel suits their preference.


The average review score of professionals in the financial services industry is an astounding 4.4 Stars. Even one negative review without a response can impact your business against such well-reviewed competition.


Review of Local Search Result Pages in Financial Services Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

Google Is Catching Up

The Financial Services Industry is one of the few areas where review volume on Google remains light. One possible reason is the existence of a number of federal and state regulatory bodies that are designed to field customer complaints.

A lack of “Google Anything” should be considered an opportunity. Just a few positive reviews in a location will allow your local search result to stand out from the competition. Don’t let them get ahead of you by not actively following the recommendations for gaining positive Google Local reviews.

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