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Access Deep Customer Insights & Tracking

Market research, surveys, focus groups, tracking studies, and other primary research tools are well known to marketers and agencies. However, there are challenges including costs, breadth across locations, consistency of process, and duration of the research collection. Access and Track Customer Attitudes—Less expensively that ever before

Primary Research Source – Google

The growth of the Google Guides program — now over 50 million strong throughout the world — has created a continuous stream of customer insights on:

Brand Building Is Evolving

A brand is only as strong as its customers. Brand building and customer experience excellence go hand-in-hand to create journeys that never end. They must constantly evolve and adapt to changing market conditions, consumer expectations, and innovations.

We are square in the middle of an experience economy, where products and services are introduced by companies, but refined and ultimately defined by customers. Branding as a form of company control is a thing of the past. Reviews, social media and direct consumer connections have propelled brands past one-way broadcast and advertising mediums into collaborative exchanges.

Companies need to treat customers (and employees) as valuable assets that contribute to the company’s corporate identity and long-term success.

Pro Tip

Even a small retail or restaurant chain can easily top 1/2 million words of customer feedback each year. Top national brands can tap into 10 million words of review comments (a.k.a. customer insights) annually.

Indexed, Organized & Categorized

LocalClarity indexes all reviews, content, responses, dates, locations, names, and other metadata into a single, searchable database. Data can be viewed by individual location, city, state, country, or any customized grouping.

Clients can also request data overlays, such as the projected gender of the reviewer, to gain an even greater understanding of customer segments.


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The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified

Near Instant Data Collection

LocalClarity taps directly into a brand’s Google My Business portal via an API, allowing up to 10 years of comprehensive review data to be organized and made available in less than 2 hours for most clients. Even the largest businesses in the world can have their data indexed and ready to reveal insights within 24-48 hours.

LocalClarity Customer Insights

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