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LocalClarity scales to fit your business needs, no matter how many locations.

From a single store to twenty thousand locations scattered across the globe, LocalClarity offers a cost-effective local reputation management and listing control solution. Your reputation matters, explore the versions below to see how we help you take control.


Whether it’s a national retail chain with 15,000 locations or an international brand receiving 1,200 reviews per day, the LocalClarity system operates at scale — with enterprise-class rights management, reporting, and security.


Built for immediate usability, for every sized business. The Reviews InBox is as easy to use as a personal email client. The Dashboard presents a comprehensive summary of activity right out of the box. Easy to schedule reporting gives notice of new reviews.


A cost-effective technology solution for Local Search and SEO Agencies that know how reputation management is becoming an ever-present part of the local search result set and social media marketing. Agencies gain immediate access to the power of Google and other web APIs.


All Inclusive Pricing

All Multi-Location Plans include all future review platform additions and technology updates. We remain committed to straightforward, consistent pricing.

Dashboard Reporting

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Dashboard reporting that provides visibility to reputation scores across every location and geographic region.

Reviews Inbox

The industries first Reviews Inbox, making customer review moderation, response, and workflows easier than ever before.


The same Enterprise-Grade security is provided to all account to provide assurances that all data is secure.

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